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Hi Bob,

We are having a wonderful time - your choices have been excellent! The Tidal Bore was an adventure: exciting, scary, exhilarating and yes, we did get wet! Loved it.

Question: if we decide to not take the ferry from Digby to St. John and drive instead, is there anyway that we could get a refund on that one fare?

Thanks for all you help.


We are back!  Arrived home yesterday - we had a wonderful time, your choices were great and we are in love with Nova Scotia.

Thanks again for all you help,

( You can contact me through Bob Targan who has  my email + telephone number )

~ Kerry Nix | Pennsylvania

Dear Bob,

My wife and I recently ( April & May 2010 ) completed a 17 day trip to France and Italy. It was a celebration of out 50th wedding anniversary.

The trip  was planned to perfection by Bob & Sheila Targan of TARGAN TRAVEL  and we cannot find enough superlatives to describe their planning and attention to detail.

We especially wanted to purchase “ coach airline tickets “ and  use frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first class. At the time we began planning our trip  the price of the coach tickets and number of miles needed to upgrade were outrageous and prohibitive for us.   Bob & Sheila found us a busness-first class flight from Newark or DC to Paris at less than 50% of the standard published price. The flight was fantastic and first class all the way for just a few dollars more than standard coach.

We were also extremely satisfied with their hotel choices- excellent locations in every city we visited with everyone exuding a European flavor.

They also arranged first class rail tickets on Euro-Rail. We loved the  trains and they were all very efficient, comfortable planned with timely arrivals and departures.

Our itinerary took us from Paris to Normandy, to Versailles, to Monte Carlo,Monaco, then to  Rome, Florence & Venice, then back to Paris on an Euro-Rail overnight sleeper. Bob also arranged all of our special site and museum visits perfectly.  We had not even one glitch during the entire trip.

Nancy & I enthusiastically recommend to plan any trip of any size or dimension.

Feel free to contact us at any time by contacting the Targans for our contact information.

~ Jay Krevsky | Pennsylvania

Dear Bob,

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU"!!!! for orchestrating such a memorable 2-week Italian/Maltese vacation for 3 generations of our family! My in-laws have talked about going to Malta for years, and I have wanted to see Pompeii since I was a child. Not only were you unbelievably responsive to our requests, you were also (seemingly effortlessly) able to meet all of our travel requirements (Rome, Amalfi Coast & Malta). In addition, your knowledge and research lead us to an unexpected favorite vacation spot; Taormina, Sicily (a remarkably beautiful town, which I hope to visit again some day). I am so glad that our original thought of taking a cruise to Malta didn't work out. Because cruise options were so limiting, you were able to coordinate a trip for us that has resulted in memories for a lifetime, including: driving the Amalfi Coastline; swimming in the most unbelievably clear waters; exploring the most interesting towns; a memorable nighttime ferry ride to Sicily; watching the full moon reflect off the sea; and much, much more! I think my mother-in-law put it best when (while walking in Amalfi) she said "I feel like I'm in a movie!" I will definitely give you a call the next time we have such a complicated and unique vacation request!

~ Julie Lutes | California

Dear Bob,

HOLA from PUNTA CANA, the trip was great, you are a great travel agent!!!!! They upgraded us to a oceanside room with jacuzzi that has just been remodeled since we have been here for 7 years. 

THANK YOU for all your help and youl are are "agent" and will recommend to everyone.

~ Mary & Jim Norris |

Dear Bob,

Bob, We just wanted to take a second to thank you for all your hard work arranging our honeymoon in Bali and Lombok. We were absolutely blown away by the trip. Every time we thought it couldn't get better, it did. It was spectacular. Your advice and expertise in the region were invaluable and made the trip better than we could have dreamed. We were also very impressed with how seamless you made every aspect of the trip. Every last detail was taken care of perfectly. That is a testament to your commitment to providing the best possible experience for your clients. We have already recommended you to many people and look forward to working with you on future trips.

~ Ben & Sari Britz |

Dear Bob,

Your advice and guidance helped my sister and I to see the land of Israel like we had never seen it before. From the destinations to the accommodations to the tour guides--everything was just terrific--especially the tour guides, who were selfless with their time, energy and supreme knowledge of Eretz Israel! I will and already have recommended you to all my friends. Thank you for rescuing us from planning this trip on our own, as we almost did, and saving us from all the pitfalls that accompany such an endeavor.

~ Jim Davidson |


What a trip everything went perfect - we had a fantastic time - swam in the Dead Sea, rode a camel, climbed Masada etc. etc. etc. The rooms were wonderful last night in Tel Aviv they gave us a suite - I got lost in it. King David hotel gives you goose bumps when you are in it. I am so glad that we did this trip. This Jewish Heritage trip is fantastic. We were on the go every minute. Got up at 6am toured till 6-7pm at night. Then we got cleaned up and went out to dinner at 9pm and didn't get back to the room until midnight and got to bed and did it all over again the next day. Go, Go, Go every second. Some days in the beginning were very hot but then it got cooler.

I absolutely fell in love with Eilat what a wonderful place and the hotel we great. Of course Jerusalem was something all by itself the history makes your head spin. Petra was an experience. Our tour guide was Yehuda Ashkenazi from Sunday to Friday who was so great there are no words for him. The driver David was unbelievable. The people on our first part of the tour which was from the first Sunday to Friday night were wonderful we made lots of good friends. The second part of the tour The following Sunday into Eilat and Monday Petra these people had already been together for two weeks and they were okay it didn't matter we only were with that tour for two days. The tour guide Dan was good but nothing like Yehuda. There is so much to see on the Jewish Heritage tour it is a wonderful experience.

Bob thanks so much for all your help - sorry about all the last minute stuff before we went but this trip we will never forget. Our next trip is Italy but I have to recoup from this one. The traveling there and back gets to you. Those long plane rides and layovers and it took us with layovers and plane 36 hours to get to Israel coming back it took us over 30 hours traveling and with the time difference I am so mixed up I don't know if I am coming or going.

Thanks again and always keep me posted on good traveling deals.

~ Ann and Shelly Rubin |


We recently returned from a two week trip to Spain/Portugal.  It was our first International trip and Bob helped to make the trip a great time.  He was able to present us with a number of options for Hotels in the cities we wanted to visit.  In addition he helped coordinate all the travel within the country via Eurorail and air.  I always had a good deal of confidence in him which is important when faced with your first international trip.

All the hotel recommendations were wonderful, in particular our night in Toledo at the Parador.  Bob suggested this fantastic hotel that turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.  

During the planning process, Bob's knowledge of Spain was very valuable.  We were faced with a large itinerary of "ideas" and Bob was able to help us whittle that down to places we really had to see given our budget/timeframe.

We look forward to working with Bob again on our next trip.

~ Klaire and Bryant | CA |


Thanks for your help coordinating our trip to Spain. Our wine excursion to Logrono, Spain was well executed and exceeded our expectations. Please pass along a special “Thanks” to Cristina at Vintage Spain who went out of her way on several occasions to show us pure Spanish Hospitality.

The wine tours were very professional yet very informal.  Our guides were excellent and passionate about us having a wonderful experience.

Also, you deserve a special “thanks” for making our relocation from the Ritz Madrid Hotel to the Villa Magna Hotel a smooth transition.  An unexpected strike at The Ritz gave us the opportunity to experience the Villa Magna Hotel in Madrid. The Villa Magna Hotel was simply outstanding.  Villa Magna is a Five Star hotel with Red Carpet service.  I would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Madrid.  The rooms are huge and the service was outstanding. 

Again, thanks for your help.  We definitely will you your services in the future.

~ Andrew C. Johnes |

Dear Bob,

Here is the balance due on my Walt Disney World vacation. I'd like to thank you for your assistance and professionalism in what I'm sure will be an excellent vacation.

I look forward to receiving confirmation from the Disney Company; more so, I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Targan Travel to anyone who asks me for travel advice.

~ David Brien | NJ |

Dear Bob,

I am still floating on air from my Cinderella trip that you so expertly planned for me. You are a true magician; however, I realize that the magic I experienced was the result of many long hours of hard work on your part. Every part of our trip was executed perfectly thanks to you. We had the best small yacht cruise; we had the best seats on the Rocky Mountaineer; we had the best rooms available in the hotels plus special amenities celebrating our anniversary; we had the best service and travel connections possible. We haven't stopped smiling. We will always count on you to plan our future trips, but I don't see how you could possibly ever top the trip of a lifetime that we just experienced. Thank you so much!

~ Sandy and John Lee |Alabama |

Dear Bob,

We have had the good fortune to travel with Cruise Alert under the direction of Bob Targan on three separate occasions.  Our first venture took us to Stockholm, Sweden and a delightful northern Baltic cruise.  The accommodations were always as they were presented.

There were never any unexpected problems.  Planes, ships, lodgings all happened as they were planned.  We had a great time.

Our second trip to Bulgaria was truly unforgettable.  We saw sights, visited places and ate the cuisine in amazing locales.  It was truly a one of a kind adventure.

Our third trip took us to the Dominican Republic where we had an all inclusive experience.  The beach setting was beautiful.  The restaurants served both american cuisine and local flavors.  The accommodations could not have been nicer.

We can heartily recommend Bob Targan's ability to capture the essence for the vacation experience of your choosing.

~ Paula and Steve - If you would like to reach us for additional information please let Bob Targan know and he will put you in touch with us.

Dear Sheila and Bob,

Just a note to let you know well our recent cruise on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore worked out.  You did yeoman's service in planning and setting up the cruise in spite of the complications we laid on you--including our daughter's last second medical crisis and making the cabin arrangements for all seven of us.

We appreciate your dedication and your flexibility in getting us all together.  We were a happy bunch!  We will not hesitate in recommending you to all our friends for future cruises and travel.

Thanks, and best regards,

~ Fran & Irwin Faibisch |

Dear Bob,

just want you to know everything went in perfect order and you made traveling a pleasure.

Our cruise on the Viking 'Spirit' was one of our very best vacations. A river cruise is the way to travel.  No luggage to fool with, you unpack once. The ship managers were on top of everything, your vacation time is important to them. We cruised the Rhine, main and Danube from Amsterdam to Budapest and all was outstanding. It was our best vacation ever. Two weeks of perfect weather, new friends, and great cruising.

Thank you again for the care taken in preparing all our documents, including insurance, and seeing to our well being. We'll do it again.

~ Joyce & Buddy Bladen |

Patricia Rorabaugh (561) 444-7932